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water treatment plant

Water treatment station – is a set of devices used to prepare water in such a way as to make it suitable for further use in the production processes of a given recipient. Assembly of the water treatment is carried out in order to clean and modify the properties of water. Basic tasks of the WTS include: filtering solids, neutralizing bacteria, reducing hardness of the water, removing color, odor and taste.

  • 1. water treatment installation

    The WTS may include: activated carbon filters, degassing agents, water decarbonizators, water demineralization stations, water filter kits, nanofiltration stations, pressure filters, reverse osmosis stations, water softening stations, installation of selective ion exchange, transmission pumps, UV lamps, hydrophores,

  • 2. execution of the complete plant based on specification of the Client,

    Water treatment installations are made primarily of stainless steel and mounted on a stainless steel frame.

  • 3. water treatment plan design,
  • 4. filter station,
  • 5. water filter station,
  • 6. filtration of water,
  • 7. water treatment station,
  • 8. water osmosis station,
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