• Industrial installations
    technology design
  • Industrial installations
    assembly welding
  • Industrial installations
    modernization of the installation structures

stainless steel constructions

Stainless and carbon steel constructions – our constructions are executed based on the Client’s of our own designs. The individual components are connected mostly by TIG welding. They are made of steel elements, that is, open or closed profiles. We construct mainly service platforms, supporting structures for machinery and equipment, bases of tanks, stairs, handrails, etc. We also deliver and assemble them on site upon request.

  • 1. construction prefabrication
  • 2. execution of the construction based on specification of the Client,
  • 3. construction design,
  • 4. work platforms,
  • 5. bridge work platforms,
  • 6. prefabrication and assembly of supporting structures for machinery and equipment,
  • 7. construction welding.
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