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sheet metal forming

Sheet metal forming – consists of a series of processes aimed at creating a permanent change in the shape of a sheet metal plate to achieve the desired shape.

  • 1. sheet metal bending using hydraulic press brakes,

    bending – we offer sheet metal bending using press brakes with a large force. Our machines are characterized by high class of product repeatability.

  • 2. sheet metal rolling,

    rolling – involves forming materials through the use of force and rotation on cylinders, discs and rolls. The elements may be circular or elliptical. Rolling is performed on cluster mills.

  • 3. sheet metal spinning.

    spinning – utilizes the susceptibility of materials, particularly sheet metal, to deformation without interrupting their continuity. It utilizes rotation of a round metal plate, the edges of which are pressed by the rollers and gradually deflected from the initial position until the formation of symmetrically and smoothly raised border. Mainly used for spinning tank bottoms.

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