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orbital welding

Orbital TIG welding – welding with the use of electric arc between an electrode and material inside of an inert gas shield. Welding is carried out with or without the addition of binders. The welding process is performed automatically. Preparation of the setting and adjustment of the device is done manually. This method allows to achieve high quality and repeatable welds. Current pulse technique reduces the amount of heat input, the arc is stable and constricted. The material overheating zone is also reduced.

  • 1. stainless steel welding,


    - the highest weld quality,
    - repeatability of welding,
    - ability of programming the equipment,
    - documentation of welding parameters - prints
    - minimized occurrence of imperfections,
    - speed and precision.

  • 2. open head welding,


    - equipment purchase costs,
    - equipment maintenance,
    - service costs.

  • 3. closed chamber head welding,
  • 4. pipeline welding.
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