• Industrial installations
    technology design
  • Industrial installations
    assembly welding
  • Industrial installations
    modernization of the installation structures

manufacture and assembly of technological installations of stainless and carbon steel

  • 1. technological installations,

    Technological installations – installations used in various stages of production in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Depending on the technological requirements of plants, they are usually made of stainless steel.
    1. Manufactured in accordance with quality standards stainless steel fittings are characterized by high durability and hygiene of use.
    2. They are characterized by high chemical resistance properties making them neutral with respect to most of the transmitted media.

    • a) beer installation,
    • b) water installations,
    • c) beverage installations,
    • d) milk installation,
    • e) syrup installations,
    • f) steam installation,
    • g) condensate installations
    • h) ice water installation
  • 2. industrial installations,

    Industrial installations – broad term generally referring to the entire scope of installations for industrial plants. Industrial installations are used to transmit various components / media in liquid, solid and gas form as well as electricity. They can be used for transmission of: water, beer, milk, chocolate, steam, condensate, compressed air, fuel, gasses, etc. Made of stainless steel and carbon, these installations meet even the most stringent quality and material requirements. Control and measurement instruments provide constant supervision over the medium and its parameters such as flow rate, pressure, temperature.

    • a) execution of the installation based on specification of the Client,
    • b) water installation design,
    • c) filter station,
    • d) assembly,
    • e) welding.
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