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machining / mechanical treatment

Machining – consists in removing the portion of the workpiece by removing material in form of chips. Included in the waste machining. Machining is divided into two parts: first chip machining - where blade geometry of the cutting tool is pre-defined, and the second - where blade geometry of the cutting tool is undetermined.

  • 1. turning,

    turning – this type of machining relies on a tool (turning tool) to separate the layers of material. It is used for treating the external and internal surface components of solids of revolution. In the process of turning, the main motion is performed by the workpiece and the tool performs an auxiliary flat move.

  • 2. milling,

    milling – type of machining consists of the separation of the material by milling. This type of treatment allows for obtaining elements of very complex shapes and different geometry.

  • 3. grinding,

    drilling – cutting with the use of drill resulting in a hole formed in the workpiece.

  • 4. drilling.
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