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compressed air installation

Compressed air installations – basic compressed air installation is used to supply factories in the air intake points. It can also be connected to devices and equipment in which air is necessary for proper operation. Depending on the Client’s requirements and compressed air pressure, the installation can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or polypropylene. Based on specific requirements, the installation can also feature filtration and air pressure adjustment system. Compressed air system can also be used for transmission/transport of bulk materials such as flour, sugar, cereals, nuts, etc.

  • 1. compressed air installations,
  • 2. execution of the installation based on specification of the Client,
  • 3. installation design,
  • 4. execution of synthetic installation,
  • 5. stainless steel installation assembly,
  • 6. air filtration station,
  • 7. assembly,
  • 8. welding.
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