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CIP station

CIP washing station – clean in place. They are designed for cleaning and disinfection of technological devices such as process installations, tanks, pasteurizers, mixers, etc. They are used in all places, where high level of cleanliness and hygiene of the product are required. In practice, washing stations are to be used in all food plants. Stations should be adjusted to the individual needs of the user. The best way to select appropriate size of the station is to take into account the possibility of its expansion in the event of an increase of plant capacity and its development. The station utilizes chemicals which are selected depending on the type of contaminants present in the production lines.

  • 1. single- and multi-track CIP stations,

    Stations can operate in the following systems: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

  • 2. execution of the installation based on specification of the Client,

    Depending on their construction, the stations can be either:
    a) mobile,
    b) stationary – stations featuring round or square shape are common in the market.

  • 3. CIP station design,

    Stations can be:
    a) single-track – in which one washing line is operated at the time
    b) multi-track – for operating multiple production lines at the same time.
    c) single-phase, multi-phase.
    d) adapted to operate under different conditions and with different chemical agents (depending on the type and purpose of the installation). CIP stations can be equipped with an automatic control system.

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